Model MR1


General Purpose Multi Range Pressure Transducer

Product Overview

The Setra Model MR1 is Setra’s newest differential pressure transducer. The Setra MR1 is the ideal product for any contractor, combining the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range sensor. The MR1 has 8 selectable ranges and 3 selectable outputs, easily adjustable on the job with a flip of a switch or jumper. The MR1 uses an IP67/NEMA 4 rated housing and has a conduit fitting for easy wiring, making the MR1 an ideal solution for any general HVAC application.

Multi-Configurable -The Setra MR1 design gives the user total flexibility to make changes on the job site. The user has the option to choose the field configurable range, mounting (wall mount, duct mount or DIN Rail), output (mA or Volt) and engineering unit (W.C. or Pascals). This flexibility means that the contractor can use the MR1 for all of their needs.

8 Field Selectable Ranges -The Setra MR1 provides 8 field selectable ranges for MR1 (0.1, 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0”W.C.). These ranges can be selected on site by flipping the jumper to the desired range.

IP67/NEMA 4 Rated Housing -MR1外壳是一个坚固的IP67/NEMA 4额定设计,并与垫圈密封,使其能够冲洗困难的应用程序。MR1也有一个导管配件,使安装和布线更容易。

Capacitive Sensing Technology -Only Setra can claim ownership to the stainless steel capacitive design used in all of our HVAC/R sensors. Our advanced capacitive element provides excellent stability and linearity, while standing above the competitors in our ability to measure low pressure (<0.0001”W.C.) at high accuracy. Our technology has been used in over 8 million installations and has the highest field acceptance rate in the industry

Product Specifications

  • Field Configurable Duct Probe
  • 4 Digit LCD
  • Field Selectable Multi-Range
  • Field Selectable Multi-Output
  • Simple 5-Step Setup
  • Field Accessible Push Button Zero & Span
  • Unregulated AC/DC Operating